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I'm Jenna!

"When the joy goes out of eating, nutrition suffers" - Ellyn Satter

These are the words that have been the foundation of my approach to nutrition counselling over the past (almost) decade as a Registered Dietitian.

I have witnessed firsthand how detrimental (and exhausting) it can be when we lose the joy of eating. That’s why one of the most rewarding parts of my career has always been when I witness the 💡 go off for clients when they discover ‘food freedom’ - the ability to truly enjoy and savour foods of all kinds, without restriction, guilt, or shame. I use a gentle, weight-inclusive, and compassionate approach to care. 

I am SO excited to be partnering my business, Intuition Nutrition, with Be Well Therapy Studio.* Collaboration in health has been a large part of my career and I have come to value the impact of bridging the gap when it comes to meeting your nutrition and mental health goals. By partnering together, we are better equipped to support our community in an inclusive and client-centered way. Our mission is to support you in finding ways to nourish your body AND your mind while incorporating all of the foods that bring you joy. 

If you have lost the joy of eating, are tired of restricting foods (especially the ones you love!), dieting, adhering to ‘food rules’, counting calories, weighing yourself, and doing exercises that you dread, it may be time to try a new and refreshing approach.

Let me help you find your joy ☀️

*DISCLAIMER: While both Be Well Therapy Studio and Intuition Nutrition value collaborative care regarding mental health and nutrition, they are each independent in their skillset, expertise, and capacity of care to address presenting concerns. Both Nicole Lobo, Registered Psychotherapist (owner of Be Well Therapy Studio) and Jenna Zaika, Registered Dietitian (owner of Intuition Nutrition) are two separate entities with different opinions, designations, and approaches to care. Please consult individual clinicians to assess best fit for needs of care. 

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I am "mommy" to two lively little humans - a budding artist and a curious wonder

I'm originally from Northern Ontario. I now live in a rural town in Southwestern Ontario and love the "small-town" charm here

My favourite bird is the heron & I will always stop if I see one. To me, they represent stillness and calm and serve as a reminder to be present

Things that bring me joy are: being in nature with my family, travelling & trying new cuisines, cooking (and most importantly, eating), the first sip of hot coffee, trying new cafes with my husband, doing crafts with our kids, strolling through local markets, & listening to podcasts (from true crime to Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert)

I became a dietitian because I LOVE (& live) to eat. So, let's get one thing straight right from the beginning of our journey together: I AM NOT THE FOOD POLICE. Partly, because I know how damaging it can be to restrict foods, but mostly because I firmly believe life is too short to not enjoy the foods we love

Call me old-fashioned, but I love snail mail cards

I leave my favourite flavour for the last bite at every meal

I say yes to pineapple on pizza & no to cilantro (on anything)

I believe food is so much more than just what goes on our plates. It nourishes our bodies, it brings us joy (fluffy homemade bread anyone?), & is part of so many life experiences

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Why decide on a collaborative approach to

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