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Trauma Therapy

Anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, insomnia, panic attacks, feeling constantly on edge, and struggling to connect and feel present …….these can all be symptoms of underlying trauma.

Trauma presents itself in many different forms and can have long-term effects on emotional, physical, and social well-being. Individuals who have experienced trauma are particularly vulnerable to mental health concerns and relationship challenges. This is the importance of engaging in trauma therapy with a trained professional who can support you through these challenges and help you to reduce, and eventually overcome your symptoms.

At Be Well Therapy Studio, trauma therapy is tailored specifically to the client. Our trauma-informed approach embraces an understanding of the emotional, psychological, social, and biological effects of trauma through an integrative approach to treatment.


We value the integrative therapy models of CBT to reframe our perspectives on our trauma experience, DBT to reduce the distress we experience as a result of our trauma, Narrative Therapy to re-tell the story of our trauma in a safe and emotionally-focused way, and Emotion-Focused and Internal Family Systems approaches to help us understand and bring compassion to our own experiences. 

Common Issues Addressed in Trauma Therapy

Grief & Loss

Abusive Relationships

Family Dynamic Issues

Birth Trauma


Workplace Issues

Sexual Trauma

Serious Injury

COVID Recovery

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