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University & College Students

The university years are a time of major transition, overwhelm, and change. You’re figuring out who you are and what your future holds, starting a new chapter in life, and maybe living on your own for the first time.

1 in 4 university students has an undiagnosed mental health condition and 25% of students have started therapy in the past year.

At Be Well Therapy Studio, we are therapists who specialize in working with college students, because it is a population we are passionate about supporting. Our therapists are not only relatable but also know their stuff (because we've been there too!)


University therapy services often only offer 1-3 sessions per student and are not accessible outside of regular business hours. That’s where we step in and bridge that gap in care!

We understand university students are already juggling academic demands and daily stressors. We want to make it easy to meet their mental health needs by offering flexible online scheduling and both in-office and virtual therapy appointments. This allows students to take part in their therapy sessions anywhere they feel comfortable.

Common Issues University Students Address





Low Self-Esteem

Family Dynamic Issues

Social Anxiety

Substance Use

Life Transitional Stress

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