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I'm Ollie!

I'm Nicole's right-hand pup & love offering a compassionate cuddle in the office! 

I'm a 3-year-old Morkie and my mom has been training me for the therapy chair since I was 8 weeks young. I'm hypoallergenic, which means I don't trigger your pet allergies or shed. I like cookies, long walks on the beach, and playing fetch all.the.time! My favourite party tricks are high-fiving and sitting...I'm still learning how to roll over on command but that's a work in progress. 

I'm a very loving, compassionate, and emotionally in-tune pup and love to be around other people. My mom says I'm a very happy and excited boy, but when I'm at the office I like to snuggle up next to you or sit on your lap when you're feeling sad or low. Sometimes loud noises make me jumpy and I'll only bark if I want to protect you. 

Now that I'm 3 and learning how to manage my own emotions, my mom says I'm ready to come to the office more often to see you for your sessions! If you would like to have a session with me, send my mom a message and she can give you more information on when I am coming to the office!*

*Please note: Only existing clients can schedule a session with Ollie. These appointments are not offered on a regular basis.



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