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23 Things I've Learned By 23

To most of you, May 21st was a holiday celebrated with some fireworks and a BBQ for Victoria Day, but for me, May 21st was my 23rd birthday! I got the chance to celebrate with some friends and enjoy the afternoon with a lovely family BBQ with some pretty delish cake. So, in the spirit of turning the big 2-3, I thought I would take the time to reflect on what I've managed to learn in my 23 years of life and come up with a list to share with you all.

1. Have patience...good things come to those who wait, and new opportunities will always come knocking that maybe even better than you thought

2. Take chances...most of the time they're worth it, other times they offer a pretty lovely learning opportunity

3. Be never know what someone else may be going through in their own life, perhaps you'll even make their day

4. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself or someone else. There is meaning in showing your strength and standing up for what's right. There will be people who wish to see you fall, break you down, and make you feel less than, but don't let those people define you. You have an untapped strength that will launch you into so many avenues and allow you the opportunity for great adventures and successes.

5. Don't let stress infect every aspect of your life, instead, let it teach you patience, work ethic, and motivation for better outcomes

6. Pay no mind to what others may think, say, or act upon. You only know what you've done to get to the place you are at. Relish in your hard work and keep trekking ahead!

7. Just because it's hard, doesn't mean it's impossible. No matter what walls stand in your way, grab a ladder and get over them

8. Keep in touch and make time to spend with close friends and those who have always stuck by you, friendships have a funny way of allowing you to kick back and chat like the sisters you've never had

9. Trust in yourself and have faith that the path you have carved for yourself is genuinely what is your intended purpose. Don't allow second-guessing or other people's thoughts alter your decisions.

10. Love with all your heart because when you love harder, you grow an unbreakable bond and trust with those around you. The best relationships are those that are founded from trust, commitment, and honesty

11. Say yes to more things...even if it's scary or you have some doubt, be adventurous and allow yourself to live a little

12. Always consider the positives over the negatives because more often than not, we have more to be grateful for than we do to be sad about

13. Sometimes stress gets the best of us and infects us with negativity, understand that this is an opportunity to learn about yourself, what makes you happy, and how to put yourself first

14. Take care of your body, trust me you'll be glad you did!

15. Like my Dad always says...enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! (a classic saying at the beginning of every vacay!) There is so much to be appreciated in everyday life too, be present in at least one moment per day and be thankful for every little blessing that comes your way

16. Before you get angry and react, take a moment....breath, consider what you want to say, and then discuss it in a calm and rational manner. Our emotions often get the best of us, and our tendency to erupt can cause a small situation to become a more significant problem. So take some time and reflect before jumping to conclusions

17. Stop being so rational all the time and learn to be optimistic, it's a healthy way to give your mind a little break and let you dream!​

18. Don't let norms and social acceptabilities define you or your actions, differentiate yourself and stand out in a crowd amongst the rest. If you've worked hard, live it up! You deserve to celebrate too!

19. Plan's never a bad idea to plan your life and set goals for yourself. You'll have something to work towards and an accomplishment to be proud of at the end of it all

20. Stay matter what life brings, always remember to be thankful for every blessing, aware of every step it took to get you there, and grateful for all the people who helped and supported you along the way

21. Family first...they may test you the most, but they will ALWAYS be there no matter what

22. Be loving, be kind, and be courageous.

23. Be proud of yourself, your accomplishments, the relationships you've made, and the plans you have for the future. You are full of potential for success, a heart full of love to give, and a mind full of knowledge to share. Open yourself up to the world around you and live life! You've only got one after all.​


I'm sorry it took me so darn long to write this post and get it up for you all to read and get a giggle. It's been an overwhelming and busy week of writing 20-page long papers and case reports for grad school, and I haven't gotten much of a chance to breathe until this week. Thank you for your patience, and I hope some of you can relate to what I have listed in what I have come to learn of myself and the world around me in my 23 years of life.



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